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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Game Announcement : Brain Test HD

Improve brain health and performance
Training Your Brain with Brain Test HD.
Transform your Android into a personal coach, and turn tedious waiting time into a fun yet educational gaming session anywhere
★ 5 different brain tests: Memory, Speed, Flexibility, Accuracy and Reaction ( more tests coming soon).
★ Track your performance using progress graph
★ Compare scores with your friends
★ Brain Classification - IQ
★ Share your results on Facebook.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Game Announcement : Cut and Slice

We are extremely happy to report that the amazing Cut & Slice Free Game available on android market.
Cut & Slice is a really good addictive puzzle game. Exercise your brain skills with a lot of funny challenging original levels.

+ amazing number of levels
+ awesome gameplay
+ 3 marvelous different episodes
+ excellent graphics
+ original levels
+ new, fresh, exciting puzzles!
+ designed both for tablet and phone
+ hours of enjoyment for FREE!
+ stars ranking to keep you more challenged
+ hints that may guide you
+ undo option
Coming Soon:
++ special (users) levels episode.
++ different users profiles.
++ levels created by users! The level will have your initials!
++ magic magnets affecting knife during the cut!!
If you would like to see this game translated into your language, please email us.

Game Announcement : Brain Age Game

We recently released our new test for brain "Brain Age Game"

Brain Age Game (B.A.G)
Wonder what is the age of your brain? A Free release of the simple and challenging brain teaser game! One of the best and most addicting brain games ever!
To check your brain age use this exciting and fun brain game!