Saturday, March 17, 2012

Game Announcement : Brain Test HD

Improve brain health and performance
Training Your Brain with Brain Test HD.
Transform your Android into a personal coach, and turn tedious waiting time into a fun yet educational gaming session anywhere
★ 5 different brain tests: Memory, Speed, Flexibility, Accuracy and Reaction ( more tests coming soon).
★ Track your performance using progress graph
★ Compare scores with your friends
★ Brain Classification - IQ
★ Share your results on Facebook.


Ed Valdingham said...

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Jesús said...

Hola, tremenda aplicación. Muy entretenida.

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dane crosby said...

Who uses there brain any more everyone is dumbed down and believes what they are told

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Stella Maccy said...

Brain test HD is really awesome... Its fact that playing free online games can improve IQ power and enhances functioning of brain..:)

osama khann said...

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Anonymous said...

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woogames said...

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thu thao said...

I like play Game Announcement : Brain Test HD.

Anonymous said...

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Deanna Jones said...

This seems like it would be a really fun game to download onto my Android. I have to take a two hour train ride to work, so I'm always looking for new games to stave off boredom. This particular game looks like it should do the trick. Thanks for posting!
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Muhammad Usman Raza said...
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Muhammad Usman Raza said...

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Nancy M. Dukes said...

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