About Us

Best Addictive Brain Games is an entertainment media company.
Company  was founded in 2011 as a mobile game development studio, and the company has developed several titles for android mobile platform.

In 2012, We released Cut and Slice, a  puzzle game for touchscreen smartphones that became a  very popular worldwide.


BJ said...

So there I was playing Brain Age on my samsung infuse when it says to send an e-mail to y'all with my picture. What was all that about? Of course I hit the back button trying to take a screen shot - btw, you can't take screen shots on my phone - and now I don't know the e-mail addr anymore. But my e-mail is

Leeanne Farnand said...

I just got the same thing, and of course not thinking hit a button and the email address was gone, it was something with an N maybe, idfk... I just downloaded the game, played it for the first time, got that message.

Роман Химич said...

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michael jordan said...

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